Feb 4
Makin’ Bacon (pizza) Trois 003-h.264 Hd
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Makin' Bacon (pizza) Trois 003-h.264 Hd

2:24 — Can you believe they had Bacon Pizza? What timing, just in time for your Makin’ Bacon video..It got quite messy, started peeing all over everything that was bolted down and even in the toilet but not for long..The fart that came out of me really cleared the way for the pee ..Cum join me!! Bring your rain boots, you’ll need them:)

Makin\’ Bacon (pizza) Trois 003-h.264 Hd – [CLICK HERE FOR VIDEO]

Dec 28
Naked Desperation 3 (wmv Hd)
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Naked Desperation 3 (wmv Hd)

Our third collection of scenes where models are desperate to pee while naked. Scenes are typically 8-10 minutes in length, showing the last minutes of desperation followed by the act of peeing. The excerpts in this compilation derive from the following movies:

Naked Desperation 3 (wmv Hd) – [CLICK HERE FOR VIDEO]

Dec 28

Danni And Sophia Piss Their Jeans In The Store Dressing Room!

When Danni and Jessie head out to get the last of their Christmas shopping, they never imagined the situation they were about to find themselves in.

Everything was going smoothly until after drinking quite a few Cokes they both needed to pee. As they wander around looking for a bathroom, it’s quite obvious how desperate they are getting, and especially to other passers by when Danni can’t keep her hand from pressing tightly between her legs!

Bouncing around and crossing their legs tightly isn’t helping either, and both girls know if they don’t figure something out soon they will piss their pants in front of a whole mall full of people.

Danni has one final idea. They both grab a pair of jeans and rush in to a changing cubicle. It’s not at all private but with no other choice Danni runs inside. No sooner has she got through the cubicle door, the water fall begins! Hot piss streams into her panties at such force that it all bubbles around her pussy before flowing down both her legs completely soaking her jeans. As Sophia watches on, she can see the piss bouncing off the hard wood floor and splashing back up Danni’s legs.

She can’t watch and the sound is making her loose control. Sophia desperately tries to hold on but it’s no good. Before she even knows what’s happening she’s pissing in to her pants. She can hear her piss hissing loudly as it floods her panties and gushes down her legs. Her own piss is now mixing with the puddle Danni created on the floor and is spreading fast, soaking the entire cubicle and streaming along the floor in to the one next door!

This clip had an awkward ending when both girls got busted by staff who noticed a ‘liquid’ coming out from under the door. Unfortunately for legal reasons we cannot show this part but I’m sure you can well imagine what was said!

Danni And Sophia Piss Their Jeans In The Store Dressing Room! – [CLICK HERE FOR VIDEO]

Dec 23

Ineed2pee - Chloe Skyy Peeing Wetting Spandex Leotards Over Sink

Skinny fetish model frol Florida, Chloe Skyy just wants to finish her yoga but her lil bladder is too full! She stumbles to the toilets to find it locked so she does the desperate pee-pee dance but it’s leaking out into her spandex leotards! She leaps onto the sink & pisses herself through her clothes. She peels off her pissy leotards after & shows her wet panties! Chloe Sky is very slim & skinny if you are a fan of that look, she’s also around 18-19 and looks super innocent!

Ineed2pee – Chloe Skyy Peeing Wetting Spandex Leotards Over Sink – [CLICK HERE FOR VIDEO]

Dec 9
Sophie’s Sexy Holding Contest!
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Sophie's Sexy Holding Contest!

Sophie has already drank three cups of water and you are falling behind! Filling up her fourth glass, Sophie tells you that you better catch up with her or she’ll have won this holding contest just through you not being able to keep up!

You drink more as she fills her glass again and downs it in one. Her bladder is feeling increasingly full and she’s clearly showing the signs, but she fills the glass again, smiles at you sexily and drinks down another glass.

Beginning to get desperate she tells you not to be over confident that she’s going to piss her pants before you do, as she can see you too are desperately trying to hold on also!

Sophie drinks more, getting more and more desperate by the minute. She crosses her legs, wriggles, and presses tightly against her pussy. Bouncing, bending over and twisting, Sophie knows she can’t hold on any longer. She keeps looking at your jeans hoping to see a wet patch appear at the front, but your determined to watch her piss her pants.

And piss her pants she does! Suddenly the flood gates open and a torrent of hot pee gushes in to her panties, spreading rapidly through her tight jeans and soaking them completely!

Stood in her pissy puddle, Sophie begins to get turned on from the sensations of wetting herself and tells you that she wants you to do the same. Realizing how turned on she is, you relax and begin to let go of the stream you’d been trying so hard to hold.

As you get wetter, so does Sophie. so wet in fact that she can’t keep her hands away from her pussy!

“Cum with me” she tells you as she pulls her soaked jeans down to her knees and begins to masturbate through her soaked panties.

You don’t need to be told twice. This is the hottest thing you’ve ever seen. As Sophie fucks her dripping wet little pussy she instructs you with jacking off to her. Watching her pump her dildo in and out of her slippery pussy, you’re cock grows harder.

Sliding around in her warm puddle of pee, Sophie’s pussy is throbbing with every touch. Your cock is hard as you rub up and down watching her fuck herself in the puddle.

Seeing you that hard and excited pushes Sophie over the edge and she’s soon crying out to you that she’s cumming in her pee dripping panties.

Sophie\’s Sexy Holding Contest! – [CLICK HERE FOR VIDEO]

Nov 30
Up-close And Soaked Panties
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Up-close And Soaked Panties

Watch Jayne as she holds her desperation. This clip is a close up of her face until she stands up just in time to see her wet her panties and stocking. (Behind the camera, In this clip I am not only desperate to pee, I am also desperate not to get caught by my roommate who is the next room. If she finds out what I am up too, she is sure to kick me out! Kisses Jayne)

Up-close And Soaked Panties – [CLICK HERE FOR VIDEO]

Nov 30
A Fountain Of Hot Piss Through My Jeans!
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A Fountain Of Hot Piss Through My Jeans!

I’d needed to pee since lunch time but wanted to hold on until I was really desperate. I wanted to need to go so badly that even If I wanted to pee on the toilet I wouldn’t get them down in time. In different positions I flood my tight jeans. The hot pee flooding down my legs felt delicious! After soaking myself I start feeling so horny, but my wet jeans are stuck to me.Not letting something like not being able to get my jeans off stop me, I pick up a pair scissors and cut through the crotch of my jeans and my panties to get to my dripping wet pussy!

A Fountain Of Hot Piss Through My Jeans! – [CLICK HERE FOR VIDEO]

Nov 28
Wetting Herself In A Lift (wmv Hd)
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Wetting Herself In A Lift (wmv Hd)

Taken from Jasmine’s longer clip “Blushing With Embasssment”, this version shows just the last few minutes of her ordeal of being stuck in a broken-down lift with a man she doesn’t know, while bursting to pee. She turns to face the wall as she finally has to wet her jeans, just as she would if this situation really happened to her. In fact, Jasmine finds peeing herself in front of someone embarrassing all the time, and doing so always makes her blush. It’s really very cute and makes one feel protective of her.

Wetting Herself In A Lift (wmv Hd) – [CLICK HERE FOR VIDEO]

Nov 24
Crossing The Line (wmv Hd)
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Crossing The Line (wmv Hd)

Candle has arranged to meet a work colleague at a remote location to discuss his misconduct at work, expressing her fears that he will get caught and that this will reflect badly on her. Candle tells him that she has no choice but to talk to someone about the situation because he is crossing the line. This precipitates some rather drastic action from her colleage – he handcuffs her right wrist to her car door handle and takes her keys, leaving her stuck there outside a locked vehicle. To make matters worse, Candle has a rather full bladder. She demands that he come back and release her, but her colleague leaves her to it. Worried about being overlooked by someone in the part, and too embarrassed to call out for help, Candle struggles against having to pee, hoping that her colleage will see sense and come back to let her out of the handcuffs. But he doesn’t return, and Candle’s desperation increases until she has no choice but to wet herself. Pee runs down her legs and flows away across the ground, making the back of her skirt wet. When she has finished, Candle stands upright with her back to the door to hide her accident. If her colleague doesn’t return, she has no idea what she is going to do.

Crossing The Line (wmv Hd) – [CLICK HERE FOR VIDEO]

Nov 22
Sophie And Danni Mall Desperation!
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Sophie And Danni Mall Desperation!

Danni and Sophia are shopping at the mall when Sophia begins to grow desperate for a pee. Finding the toilets in a huge mall though is no easy job!

Sophia jiggles around and crosses her legs tightly as they attempt to find the bathrooms. At one point, Sophia is sure she’s about to pee her pants in front of the entire mall and has to sit down, putting pressure on her pussy to stop the flow from starting.

After Danni telling her that she can’t just sit there doubled over until she pisses herself, they again search for the bathrooms.

Does Sophie make it to the toilet, or does she flood her jeans with a long, hard stream of piss? I think we all know the answer!

Sophie And Danni Mall Desperation! – [CLICK HERE FOR VIDEO]

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