Feb 10

Ineed2pee - Star Nine Wetting Sexy Panties & Stockings Drunk

Sexy blond Star Nine is stumbling home drunk in the morning, wearing a party dress & sexy sheer-ish panties with a garter with white stockings. She’s giggly & desperate to use the toilets as she makes her way to bathrooms, plopping down on the toilet, not realising her panties are still on & she’s already peeing through them!! . She completely pees through her panties while giggling & is kind of embaressed afterwards, taking off her soaking wet sexy pissy panties & showing her naked as she stumbling around still drunk. Then it’s BTS time where she talks about a real female desperation story that just happened to her a couple days ago & she almost peed her panties for real!

Ineed2pee – Star Nine Wetting Sexy Panties & Stockings Drunk – [CLICK HERE FOR VIDEO]

Dec 28
Naked Desperation 3 (wmv Hd)
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Naked Desperation 3 (wmv Hd)

Our third collection of scenes where models are desperate to pee while naked. Scenes are typically 8-10 minutes in length, showing the last minutes of desperation followed by the act of peeing. The excerpts in this compilation derive from the following movies:

Naked Desperation 3 (wmv Hd) – [CLICK HERE FOR VIDEO]

Nov 29
Naked Wait 2 (ipad Mp4 Hd)
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Naked Wait 2 (ipad Mp4 Hd)

Optimized for iPad2/iPad3 but should work on any MP4 player.
Candle and Dixie get themselves desperate to pee while completely naked. We see them drinking and chatting in the first five minutes of the video, although they already feel the urge to go even here. We then transition to half an hour later when they are both feeling a powerful urge to pee. They hold on for almost forty minutes, during which the recording is uninterrupted. The girls chat about various pee situations, including Candle admitting that she was, for a short while, a bathroom attendant in a club. As their desperation mounts, the girls get steadily quieter as they concentrate hard on resisting the urge to pee, something made far more difficult psychologically by the absence of clothing. Candle is the first to buckle; she stands upright and releases a very powerful stream of pee, causing Dixie to cry out in anguish. Candle’s stream goes on and on, the sight and sound of which is too much for Dixie who, as soon as Candle has finished peeing, stands up and releases a fast jet of pee herself. There is no question that they both really needed to go!

Naked Wait 2 (ipad Mp4 Hd) – [CLICK HERE FOR VIDEO]

Nov 21
Naked Wait 1 (mp4 For Ipad)
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Naked Wait 1 (mp4 For Ipad)

Carissa puts herself through an extended period of holding it while dying to pee, completely naked throughout. The fact that she is wearing no clothes, not even panties, has a profound psychological effect on her, making holding a bladder full of pee extremely difficult. Carissa’s pained expressions and frantic hand movements say much about the desperate state she is in. She has to concentrate extremely hard to last more than half an hour; several times it looked as if she would not make it. For those who enjoy watching a woman pee into a container, Carissa empties her bladder into one of those graduated glass cylinders and checks how much she had been holding. (During filming, Carissa talks about her desperation initially, but as her desperation worsens she falls quiet, and at one point even turns to the cameraman to whimper the word “please”, perhaps hoping for his permission to relieve herself, but he does not respond and she carries on holding it).

Naked Wait 1 (mp4 For Ipad) – [CLICK HERE FOR VIDEO]

Nov 7

Anelia Loose Control & Pee In Front Of Bf : Gift For Getting Naked

Anelia is new to this city, her meeting cancelled and her flight still has 3 more hours. She decided to walk in city. Suddenly she urge to Pee. She is returning towards hotel but she seems loosing control. She is holding pee double crossing legs, grabbing crotch and every possible thing she can do. She is doing Pee dance at a lonely road as she is loosing control almost. Suddenly she sees her ex bf, he tell her that he lives nearby and she can go to CR there. She find it better solution and go with him. As they reach room, her bf refuses to open door. He want to make fun with her. She loose control and pee outside room on stairs. Then he open door and both enter room. She worry that how can she go out with wet jeans. He offered her to get naked in front of him and she will give her new panty and Jeans. She has no other way then to except offer. She get naked and get new pair of Jeans.

Anelia Loose Control & Pee In Front Of Bf : Gift For Getting Naked – [CLICK HERE FOR VIDEO]

Oct 21
The Desperate Avenger (repost – Price Reduced)
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The Desperate Avenger (repost - Price Reduced)

Carissa plays the role of an agent who has been sent to bring in the bad guy. Alas, things go badly wrong when she tires to make an arrest; the bad guy disarms her and the tables are turned. He keeps her covered while he contacts his associates, asking them to send someone to come and clean up the situation. Meanwhile, Carissa is becoming very fidgety, and when asked what is wrong, she explains that she needs to use the bathroom. Naturally, the bad guy is not interested in helping her out so he forces her to stay when she is, telling her she’ll have to hold it. As he desperation becomes more acute, Carissa tries to negotiate, asking what she needs to do to be allowed to use the toilet. At first, the bad guy says nothing, but then it occurs to him that he can turn this to his advantage and have a little fun with this woman while they await the arrival of the clean up crew. He says she can use the bathroom if she first takes off all her clothes. Carissa is naturally reluctant but her bladder is almost bursting and she feels she has no choice but to comply. She strips, then stands squirming and asking for access to the bathroom. Her captor says he promised her the bathroom, but he did not say how long that would be after she disrobed. Carissa is forced to wait even longer, now with the added humiliation of being naked. When she looks as if she might explode with pee at any moment, she is given permission to go. She makes her way into the bathroom, sits down and takes a long pee, her expression a picture of relief. Afterwards, the bad guy refuses to go away but wants to watch her wipe herself.

The Desperate Avenger (repost – Price Reduced) – [CLICK HERE FOR VIDEO]

Oct 18
Interrogated (wmv Hd)
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Interrogated (wmv Hd)

Candle and Jasmine are spies in this scenario, caught by FBI agent Dixie (Normous) and handcuffed while retaining only their bra and panties. Both girls have been captives for some hours and they both need to pee, but they refuse to give up any information even with the lure of using the bathroom in exchange. To increase their torture still further, Dixie decides to pee into a cup in front of them, her stream making a loud hissing noise as she lets go. This is awful for the two, near-naked prisoners who are both bursting to go. Soon after this exhibition, Candle stands up and wets her panties, her stream going on and on and on as she empties her very full bladder. Jasmine has to stand beside her and watch her companion’s pee flowing past her bare feet. The whole sensation is too much and a minute later Jasmine wets her panties too, her urine spraying through the material while rivulets of pee stream down her thighs like wriggling snakes. Dixie makes the two girls sit back down in their wet underwear as she receives a call to say the information the agency needs has been procured from another source. Dixie leaves the room with Candle and Dixie still handcuffed sitting in a lake of their own pee. (Note the precautionary towels on the floor; they were certainly needed when the flood started!)

Interrogated (wmv Hd) – [CLICK HERE FOR VIDEO]

Oct 12
Rachael Holding It (wmv Hd)
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Rachael Holding It (wmv Hd)

Rachael returns to Bound2Burst after a log break, so the first thing we did was get her desperate to pee and then make her stand around in her jeans and boots, holding it! She pee dances around as she tries to keep it in, but her bladder is feeling very full and she starts to leak. A few minutes later, she loses control and pees into her jeans. She locks up for a minute then has to go again until the jeans are soaked. Rachael concludes this clip by peeling off all her clothes and standing before you naked.

Rachael Holding It (wmv Hd) – [CLICK HERE FOR VIDEO]

Sep 29

Jade Marie, Pissing Like There Is No Tomorrow - Mov

Jade Marie is a cute young black girl with perky little b-cup tits, a thick meaty ass and alot of tattoos. She likes to act crazy and misbehave. When this happens she is told to stand in the shower to think about what she has done wrong. Jade must stand there complete naked. This allow you to carefully examine every inch of her soft. supple body. She must stand there until she is granted permission to leave. This time she has to really use the bathroom bad. She is desperate to piss. She asks for permission to leave and it never comes. When she cant take the pressure of her bladder filling up she lets it go right there and then. She explodes and you see everything.

Jade Marie, Pissing Like There Is No Tomorrow – Mov – [CLICK HERE FOR VIDEO]

Sep 6
Carissa Holds It 1 (wmv Hd)
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Carissa Holds It 1 (wmv Hd)

Carissa stands and sits, squirming, grinding and gasping because she has a very full bladder. She is accustomed to having to hold it when she visits Bound2Burst, but this time we really put her to the test. On three occasions, we told Carissa that she could pee into a jug, but just before she started going we made her put the jug back on the table, pull up her panties and carry on holding it. The anguished expressions on her face are priceless, and they are more frantic each time she is brought to the brink of being able to release her pee and is then denied. This plays psychological havoc on Carissa’s constitution. She reaches a point where she is seriously bursting and can’t wait any longer for permission to pee, and she wets herself through her panties. The stream streaks through her panties with a great deal of force and gushes down between her legs in a real torrent, hitting the floor with a loud splattering noise. At the conclusion of this video, Carissa strips off all her clothes and stands before us naked.

Carissa Holds It 1 (wmv Hd) – [CLICK HERE FOR VIDEO]

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